Sun 1/1 Ally (new), Bailee & Monica.

We are open today from 5pm and have a lovely line up of ladies, including a new lady for you to meet.

NEW LADY ALLY – new hot MILF Ally loves what she does. Shoulder length blonde hair, with a size 10 body and DD’s. But looks are only part of it. The fun she has in the bedroom will be what brings you back.

BAILEE – if busty is your thing, then Bailee could be your girl. 19yo with fantastic size 12 curves and a natural G cup bust. That’s right, G cup. Do I need to mention red hair and green eyes? Probably not, you’re already hooked. Come in and meet today.

MONICA – exotic sensuality mixed with European passion, this is an elegant woman that will light a fire in you. Her dark hair and dark features compliment her olive complexion. However, it’s in the bedroom that her naughtiness comes out and the real passion is exposed. This is a lady that not only wants to give you an amazing experience but enjoys the experiences also.

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