Tues 11/8 Charlie, Dakota (New) & Selene (New).

So Tuesday. The weekends behind you. The next weekend is too far away. It’s not the middle of the week but not the beginning either. It’s a bit of a nothing day. Well, we’re about to change that. Tuesday is now very much a good day. A day to be celebrated and when you see the ladies we have on today, you will understand why.

CHARLIE – new to A1, her large doe eyes, reddish brown curly hair and a bright, cheerful smile, Charlie is a size 8 with a C cup bust, making her a classic hour glass figure. Not classic are her gorgeous tattoos that reveal her adventurous and kinky side. Her bubbly personality and sensual looks make for an unforgettable GF experience.

NEW LADY DAKOTA – Cali girl Dakota is a fantastic new addition to A1. Cute, tanned brunette, sexy accent and a smile that will make your day. Very health lean body. A1 has gone international.

NEW LADY SELENE – a picture of islander beauty, Selene brings sexy diversity to A1. Long dark hair, mesmerising eyes with plump lips and an inviting body with D cup bust, this is a lady that could break hearts and blow minds. Don’t miss out on seeing Selene.

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